We’re introducing Rebel Nail Paints for the no-nonsense rebel inside all of us. These nail paints are perfectly formulated so men can now reap the benefits of a perfectly groomedMAN-icure. You don’t have to be in a band to rock these colors. This smart and obscure paint collection references colors already seen and introduces them in a new, revolutionary light. Not only innovative in its palette, but also in formulation, these paints are toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate free. Rebel Nail Paints will protect your nails from environmental damage ensuring a stronger, more resilient nail.
Paint Trio - ReflectionHit the Pavement running with this polished, concrete-looking nail paint.  Use with Pure Bling for longer lasting color, or for a dulled finish, flatten out Pavement with Pure Matte nail varnish.
It’s all about rocking your Alter Ego. This matte, metallic purple paint with give you a recognizable swaggering drive. For longer lasting pleasure, follow with Pure Matte nail varnish.
Stand Out – The new way to look at black. Metallic charcoal paint with a crude matte finish.  Use with Pure Matte nail varnish to keep you standing out longer.

EVOLUTIONMAN Rebel Nail Paints will be available this November in select retail locations, and online at