Acne Solutions 101012When perusing the skin care aisle of your local drug store, finding a solution for your sudden break out is a dizzying and frustrating experience. With a wide array of brightly colored products available at your fingertips and a limited budget and time span, it’s important to be discerning and decisive when selecting the right acne fighter for you. So why make the search any more exhausting? Conquer not only your acne woes, but your shaving, exfoliating, and concealing needs with three of EVMAN‘s highly effective (yet subtly obvious) products:Cleanse & ShaveConceal & Treat, and the heavy duty Wash & Buff! Don’t be shy about toting these cleansers around – the packaging is subtle enough to fit into your gym bag, but powerful enough to make an impression!
So what’s on your winter wish-list? A new shaving cream that leaves that perfect smooth finish? Or something to cover up your momentary acne, all while treating it at the same time? EVOLUTIONMAN‘s got you covered with these three dual-purpose products!
Cleanse & ShaveWe’re all really picky when it comes to our shaving cream, and the discerning man knows when what he’s got is good. So why try something new? Cleanse & Shave is a refreshing spin on the traditional shaving cream, providing a thin, light lather for an effortless shave. The cream is also instilled with Tea Tree Oil to prevent a bacteria-based breakout.
Wash & BuffIs your face in need of some tough love? Condition it with Wash & Buff, a heavy duty, daily exfoliator that’ll scrub away your acne with a gentle infusion of Tea Tree Oil, an ingredient used to treat and clear your skin. With microbeads embedded into the cream, your skin will feel soft, clean, and refreshed after a good scrubbing.
Conceal & Treat: A must have for any face in need, Conceal & Treat, provides a gentle exfoliation to cleanse and heal the pimple, all while covering the troublemaker at spot. The product’s secret ingredient and star warrior is undoubtedly the 2% of salicylic acid imbued into the formula – the chemical removes oil from the pore, all while exfoliating the blemish as it heals.