There’s nothing like taking a nice hot shower after an especially exhausting work day. As the hot water rolls off your back, and the worries and concerns of the day melt with them, stepping out of the shower becomes an almost therapeutic experience. An instant weightlessness is felt in the muscles, and a sense of well being permeates the mind. A hot shower is pretty amazing, huh?

Ingredient Spotlight Panthenol - 121712That’s all well said until the drying process kicks in. While you continue to reel from the otherworldly sense of relaxation, your skin is livid. As the water evaporates from your skin, so does the natural moisture within your skin. Stripped of it’s soothing oils and moisture, it doesn’t become long before your skin or scalp become an itchy mess, ruining what was almost a worry-free night. Instead, you’re writhing in itching agony, rolling around in bed, grappling with the pricks of itch on your legs. What’s worse is that this could have all been avoided.
Next time you’re experiencing a particularly painful bout of dry and itchy skin, be sure to utilize a moisturizer rich in Panthenol (the alcohol version of Vitamin B5). Panthenol is an ingredient frequently used in skincare as an emollient and moisturizer. The chemical can be found in shampoos and conditioners, and is a popular ingredient used to seal in the moisture along your strands. Likewise, it is also used in skin lotions,including EVOLUTIONMAN‘s Moisture Protect SPF 20. Liberally apply a moisturizer with the water-binding ingredient on your skin and you’ll feel the relief.

Not only is it perfect for an almost instant relief, but it protects the skin from irritating weather elements, including the wind. The product works when it’s thoroughly massaged into the skin, so don’t be afraid to apply it liberally! The product’s penetration into your skin is key to ensuring relief from dry and itchy skin. Once the skin absorbs the ingredient, it’s converted into Vitamin B5, where it’ll work it’s soothing and moisturizing magic from within.

So don’t be shy! Our Moisture Protect contains the ingredient, so no more reaching for your girlfriend’s cream when she’s not looking. And not only will your skin be as soft as hers, but now you’ll probably be spending a little more time in the skincare aisle with her.