Before you begin to shave, check the way your beard hairs grow. The general rule is to shave in the direction of the beard growth. Usually the beard grows downward toward your neck and upwards from the base of your neck. Either shave in the shower or use a warm towel to help soften the beard.
Wash and BuffStarting with a clean face is paramount to getting a close shave. Apply Wash & Buff to an already warm damp skin. Always use warm water as it helps soften the beard and prepares the skin for shaving. Hot water may dehydrate your skin so be sure to use warm water. Wash & Buff deep cleans and removes dirt and oil, which allows your razor to glide more easily against the skin. Rinse off with warm water and leave wet.
 Cleanse and ShaveNext, apply a thin layer of the Cleanse & Shave to help soften the beard and add more glide to the razor. Make sure you replace your razor after three or four uses. If you have a heavier beard change your razor more frequently.
Throughout your shave use your free hand to keep your skin taut and as flat as possible. This will help you avoid cuts and nicks and give you an even closer shave. Use short strokes starting at the side burns, cheeks and neck. Finish with your lip and chin so the shave cream or gel can soften these heavier whiskers.
Frequently rinse your razor under warm water to remove product build up and hair. This keeps the blade sharp and clean throughout the shave.
Moisture ProtectPat face dry and apply Moisture Protect SPF 20 or Bronze. This will not only condition and protect the skin but the anti-irritants make it the perfect after shave balm to calm and help revitalize the skin.